Monday , December 17th 2018
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Review On The Vertagear Gaming Series -Triigger Line 350 Ergonomic Office

The company known as Vertagear might still be considered one of the newer companies in regards to the industry involving gaming chairs, but the previous SL4000 and the SL6000 have been received extremely well. However, not every person is looking highly-stylized gaming chairs, and many prefer a chair that is suitable for office environments. The Vertagear Triigger 275 and the Triigger 350 chairs are suitable for this purpose and are very similar to that of the Herman Miller Aeron.

Triigger Line 350 Ergonomic Office Chair

The new line-up of the Triigger chairs have focused on personal preference and simplistic ergonomics which has resulted in more user-definable and comfortable chairs. The Triigger Line 350 comes with dual-spring hubs made out of steel alloy designed for reclining balance as well as holtron-hubless casters and soft arm-rests.

The Triigger 350 features flexible cushioning and calfskin leather for superior comfort. The back of these chairs feature a mesh material opposed to a foam backing, which is commonly found on the majority of the high-end ergonomic chairs such as Steelcase and Herman Miller.

These chairs use paddle-shifting “triggers” that adjust the height adjustment and lumbar support along with world-class 12.9 screws for added longevity. These chairs provide 22 seating positions, which leave more than sufficient room in regards to personal preferences. The Triigger 350 offers additional seat-depth adjustments, 2 Point adjustable arm-rests and enhanced casters when compared to the 275 Triigger.

The gaming series is one of the latest additions to the family of Vertagear gaming chairs. The Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350 Ergonomic Office Chair provides a unique way for users to adjust their personal comfort along with a clear-cut design. This particular chair gains its inspiration from one of the fastest machines created by man, the Formula One Race Car.

Each of these chairs comes with 2 adjustable paddles that allow the user to adjust the entire chair to their own preferences using just the tips of their fingers. The power in these chairs has to do with the Dual Spring Hub which is able to distribute pressure placed on the chair in an even way. For a sturdy and durable reinforcement, paddle systems in the chair are guided with steel cables. The chair sits on top of a superior and durable aluminum alloy-frame.


The backing of the chair features a DuPont TPEE Mesh (reinforced) that maintains retention and extends the life-span of this mesh, while the Dual-Spring Hub is made out of Steel Alloy along with silicon and manganese that maintains balance in the chair as the user reclines. The chair features a lower-back cushion for support and an adjustable seat depth, height and angle to the backrest. The aluminum alloy-frame offers a durable and long lasting product along with calfskin leather for the ultimate comfort.


Out of the various reviews on the Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350 Ergonomic Office Chair, the majority of customers have confirmed that the chair offers a great construction and build in regards to durability. Many customers also mention the premium materials and comfort of a chair that is easy to adjust.


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